President vetos state wage policy bill

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has vetoed the bill on state wage policy passed by parliament on December 17.

According to the President’s Office, President Waheed “detailed the 10 main issues noted by the Attorney General regarding the bill” in a letter to the Speaker of the People’s Majlis.

Under article 91(a) of the constitution, the President has 15 days to either ratify or “return for reconsideration” any bill or amendment passed by parliament.

However, 91(b) states that “a majority of the total membership of the People’s Majlis” can override a presidential veto.

The wage policy legislation was passed with 46 votes in favour, two against and two absentions.


One thought on “President vetos state wage policy bill”

  1. Most of MPs are Monkey in the parliament and those monkeys have no clue of most of the bills that they are voting.

    Look now Maldives is unable to grow any Tomatoes in this county due to a Tobacco bill that they had passed by these monkeys.

    Most of these Mps even does not have formal educational qualification and wonder how they can prepare the laws when they don't to know how to draft a simple letter by themselves.


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