President Waheed appoints fisheries minister, eight state ministers

President Dr Mohamed Waheed appointed Ahmed Shafeeu as Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture. Shafeeu was formerly Director General at the Education Ministry.

The appointment of Shafeeu fills the last post in Dr Waheed’s cabinet.

Dr Waheed also appointed eight state ministers, including Hussain Maniku Dhon Maniku (Home Affairs), retired Deputy Commissioner of Police Mohamed Fayaz (Home Affairs), December 23 protest organiser and spokesperson Abdulla Mohamed (Home Affairs), Ali Shareef Mohamed (Health and Family), Dr Aishath Rameela (Health and Family), Hassan Saeed Hussain (Foreign Affairs), Abdulla Ziyad (Housing and Environment), and Abdul Matheen Mohamed (Housing and Environment).


One thought on “President Waheed appoints fisheries minister, eight state ministers”

  1. I support Dr Waheed's government, but I don't like this. Too many state ministers! Why? Do we really need them? This looks more like a Anni style move. He had tens of state ministers. In a small country like us, if everyone has to be a minister then who would actually work in the government. Please think about this and stop distributing state minister positions like rashion in Africa.


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