President Waheed forms Small and Medium Enterprises Council

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has this week announced the establishment of a Small and Medium Enterprises Council, as well as appointing members to oversee the body’s work.

The President’s Office stated yesterday that 14 members had been appointed to the council, representing both government ministries and several industries across the country.

The full list of councillors are:

  • Minister of Economic Development Ahmed Mohamed
  • Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Ahmed Shafeeu
  • Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Ahmed Adeeb
  • Minister of Finance and Treasury Abdulla Jihad
  • Minister of Human Resources, Youth and Sports Mohamed Hussain Shareef
  • Women entrepreneurs representative Ms Juwairiya Wajdee
  • Fisheries sector representative Mr Mohamed Waseem Ismail
  • Agriculture sector representative Mr Solah Shihab
  • Tourism sector representative Mr Ismail Faseeh
  • Telecommunications sector representative Mr Raoofuddin Naseem
  • Environment sector representative Ms Lubna Moosa
  • Construction sector representative Mr Abdulla Mohamed
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Capital Market Development Authority Ms Fathimath Shafeeqa
  • Commissioner General of Taxation Mr Yazeed Mohamed
  • According to the President’s Office website, Economic Development Minister Ahmed Mohamed will serve as the council’s president, while Solah Shihab will serve as its vice president.


    3 thoughts on “President Waheed forms Small and Medium Enterprises Council”

    1. With gangsters like Adheeb, now in addition to the tourism sector, even SMEs will be ruined.

    2. This sme council should take a leaf out of President Nasheed's book. Lower the threshold and entry-bar to lucrative sectors like tourism,so that smaller businesses can also aspire to become owners and operators, instead of being wage-slaves or dependants of the tycoons. We shall see.

    3. A court still not proved adhib is criminal. Before that we have to respect all people. PPM or MDP or Gasim party


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