President Waheed meets with Sri Lanka’s inspector general of police

Sri Lankan Police Inspector General N. K. Illangakoon today met with President Dr Mohamed Waheed during a visit to the country.

According to the President’s Office website, Illangakoon discussed methods of strengthening collaborations between the respective police forces of both countries at a meeting in Male’ this morning.

President Waheed also thanked the inspector general for the ongoing support he said Sri Lanka had provided to help strengthen policing in the Maldives.


One thought on “President Waheed meets with Sri Lanka’s inspector general of police”

  1. What? This is not about strengthening the ties.

    This is about the religious clash that has been brooding under the hood for sometime now. Similar to Burma.

    Sri Lankans are rightly worried by the so called angels of peace. Now they have realised this. Sri Lankans have had civil war for the better part of the past half century, and one would be tempted to think that they must have seen it all. But, they have seen nothing. If they do not curb the rising population of Gate-keepers-of-heaven, including that of the camel-bearded Mordisians, very soon they will have problems 10 folds more than their civil war.

    I feel so very sorry for the Sri Lankans. When these white angels set their eyes on your land, and start exercising their god-given right to garrot all disbelievers, you can pretty much say bibi to your normal life.


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