President Waheed obstructing decentralisation, failing to deliver pledged concessions: LGA

Local Government Authority (LGA) Vice President Sujau Hussain has claimed that President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik’s government has failed to extend any of the concessions previously pledged and is obstructing decentralisation, reports local media.

Waheed promised atoll and city councils 50 percent of the leases from atoll stores as well as 50 percent of the leases given under ‘varuvaa’ (islands given to individuals for caretaking) to increase the income of councils.

“While Waheed claims he wants to implement decentralisation, the only thing he does is to further obstruct those activities which the councils are already in a position to carry out,” Hussain said during a conference held to mark two years of decentralisation.

Waheed noted in February that the government had used a “major amount of income from the public accounts”, so he would arrange for next year’s government budget to address the issue and recover the funds, according to local media.


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  1. Allah forbid that the island peasants may get two meals a day. No, they should be given just enough for survival so that they'll be eternally grateful to the elite and keep working as slaves. It'll also keep them ignorant and unable to rise up and rebel. Fill their heads with dictatorual religious myths to keep them mentally enslaved and show them a bit of Kasauti or football to keep them distracted while the elite rob the industries and eat the foreign aid.


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