Privatisation body to require criminal record checks for public company board appointees

Candidates appointed as directors on the boards of public limited companies in the Maldives will now face a mandatory criminal record check, according to local media.

Privatisation and Co-privatisation Board President Mohamed Amjad told Sun Online that any candidates appointed to the board of a public limited company will be required in future to submit their attested qualifications and a police report disclosing any criminal convictions they may have.

Amjad was quoted in local media as saying that the new review process would apply to all appointments made to boards of such companies in the future, with candidates also being checked to see if they have any pending debts owed to the courts.

The privatisation board has said it will also look to identify if a candidate also had relatives working for the same company.


One thought on “Privatisation body to require criminal record checks for public company board appointees”

  1. Good move except that crimes in this context mean fornication, homosexuality, adultery, eating in public during fasting hours, wearing a bikini on the beach, speaking against state-authorised religion etc. Pretty soon it'll be a crime for a woman to go out without her burka or a man to shave his beard.


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