Project to build multi-speciality hospital awarded to Treetop Investments

A project to build a multi-speciality hospital in Hulhumalé has been awarded to Treetop Investments Pvt Ltd by the Ministry of Health, reports CNM.

According to the online news outlet, local companies Champa Brothers, Kasa Holdings, Crown Company, and Kurehdhoo Holdings all have a stake in Treetop Investments.

The project was awarded to Treetop after initial expressions of interest (EOIs) submitted to the ministry were cancelled.

Health Ministry Director General Dr Sheeza Ali said efforts to formulate the contract and design were currently ongoing, adding that the project would be divided into two phases.

While 10 companies – including a Malaysian company, German company, two Indian companies, and five Maldivian companies – had submitted EOIs, the economic council decided not to allow the companies to submit detailed proposals.

The purpose of the 337-bed hospital is to ease the burden on the government-operated Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in the capital, the health ministry has previously said, and would function as an extension of IGMH.


One thought on “Project to build multi-speciality hospital awarded to Treetop Investments”

  1. Do recruit '100% muslim' doctors, nurses and technicians for this new 'multi speciality' hospital. Clearly Maldivians will not have the skills for these jobs.
    It is morally indefensible, in this day and age, to recruit non Muslims and then deny them freedom of worship and subject then to your '100% muslim' religious laws. It is not acceptable to do this.
    I do hope my taxes are not being used to fund this project, as for the IGMH.
    Send your president on a fund raising mission to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.


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