Project to improve Maldives’ education system launched

A project to review and improve the education system in the Maldives has been initiated by the National Institute for Education (NIE).

The ‘Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Curriculum Reform’ will be a seven year-long project to be carried out with the assistance of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), local media reported.

Speaking at a ceremony to launch a baseline survey planned to be conducted under the project initiative, Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Education Azleen Ahmed said the survey is to understand the impact the newly planned syllabus will have on teaching and learning.

“The purpose of such an initiative, taken up with the support of UNICEF, is to understand the current situation of the education system in the Maldives, and to understand the impact the newly planned syllabus will have on the children.

“At the end of the survey, we will know the changes that we require to bring to the new syllabus, and also to the education system as a whole. We will also be able to identify the problems with the current education system, and also the difficulties faced by children while learning,” Azleen was quoted as saying in local media.

Data for the survey will be collected from children of grades 4, 7 and 9 from schools across the country, local media said.


One thought on “Project to improve Maldives’ education system launched”

  1. No way. Education is the mechanism to steer Maldives away from religion.

    I can understand the politics and the reason why people lie in politics. But you have to be reasonable here. You KNOW that the more educated a country becomes, the more lose faith in the religion.

    If you change the education system to
    a) Learn arabic and understand the readings, instead of chanting as a musical;
    b) Understand and learn knowledge, apply them more, instead of by-hearting
    c) Give more openness to the teachers, students, to explore, instead of restricting them and intimidating them
    d) if you teach the kids that a language is to communicate, as opposed to be restrictive, hence proving Dhivehi is useless and have it removed from syllabus altogether
    e) Teach Islam in English;

    You will have a lot of students steering away from the Arabian mumbo Jumbo.

    So, What do you want. Ignorant Religious OR Intelligent Explorers / adventurists?


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