Proposed defence budget 14 percent higher than 2012

The defence budget proposed in the annual state budget for 2013 submitted to parliament last week is 14 percent higher than 2012.

A total of MVR 930.9 million (US$60.3 million) was proposed for defence expenditure, which amounts to 5.5 percent of the total budget.

The figure in 2012 was MVR 797.9 million (US$51.7 million) or 4.8 percent of this year’s budget.

Of the MVR930.9 million assigned for the military, MVR 805.4 million (US$52.2 million) is to be spent on military defence and MVR 125.5 million (US$8.1 million) on civil defence.

The budget assigned for the Ministry of Defence for 2013 is MVR913 million, up from MVR811 million in 2012.

Moreover, defence expenditure under the Public Sector Investment Projects (PSIP) include MVR 3.1 million (US$201,000) for the construction of a troops accommodation building in Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo and MVR 1.9 million (US$123,216) for a military barracks in Laamu Kadhdhoo.

Following the controversial transfer of presidential power in February, an allowance of military personnel pending for more than two years was disbursed in a single payment.

Local media reported at the time that some officers had received over MVR6000 (US$390) in accrued allowances, although a total figure spent on the pay out, or how many officers received the allowances, was not stated.


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