Public Private Partnership schemes halted

The Economic Ministry has today announced it will halt any new projects to be carried out under the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) scheme.

An official representing the ministry told Haveeru that all projects for which agreements have been signed would continue, while those still in the bidding process have been put on hold.

The PPP scheme, initiated under former President Mohamed Nasheed was intended to remove financial strain on the budget whilst bringing in managerial expertise from the private sector.

The Ministry of Economic Development handles all such investment in the Maldives, while private involvement in the tourism industry falls under the remit of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

The specific reasons for the cessation of these programmes has not been made clear. Last week, Attorney General Azima Shukoor cast doubt on the legality of island privatisations under the previous president, announcing her intention to investigate these transfers.

During the same interview with DhiTV, Shukoor is reported as having said that the  appropriate legal processes had not been followed during the privatisation of state property.


One thought on “Public Private Partnership schemes halted”

  1. this is such nonsense! all it does is, stop a lot of projects, make a lot of people jobless and all because Azima and crowd are so hate-filled and need to willfully do everything they possibly can to stop what Nasheed had started or done to improve living standards of the average person!


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