Quran teachers still be to found for 12 schools

The Education Ministry has stated that while the administrative year began and schools opened on January 14, Quran teachers still remain unavailable for 12 schools.

Education Ministry Human Resource Director General Mohamed Saeed stated that while the state had sought to employ 69 Quran teachers, 56 persons had applied and all are now employed in different schools.

He stated that the ministry has now announced for 12 more teachers, and that the announcement will expire within the week. He explained that although separate Quran teachers have not yet been found for these 12 schools, Quran is still, however, taught as a subject in these schools too.

“While we are still seeking 12 teachers for these schools, we have made arrangement for Quran lessons to already be taught in these schools too. We are doing this by having either leading teachers or the Islamic Studies teachers provide Quran lessons for the meantime,” he is quoted as saying to local media.

Establishing Quran as an obligatory subject in all grades and teaching them in all schools is among the 100 day plans of the Education Ministry.