Religion not a political tool: President

President Mohamed Nasheed has said the government will never make use of religion as a political tool, and that religious affairs are carried out with the guidance of religious scholars.

The President made his remarks during the foundation laying ceremony of Haa Alifu Maarandhoo Friday Mosque on December 5.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President further stated that the government aims to strengthen religious faith among the people, and that strong faith is crucial to improved national development.

The President met with the Kelaa Island Council to discuss ways to better decentralise island government. During his trip, he also met with councils from Ihavandhoo, Maarandhoo and Thakandhoo islands to discuss health care.


One thought on “Religion not a political tool: President”

  1. Great Mr President. You have my vote!

    The only thing you need to do is the size the haabees down to their worth. Do not let them intimidate the Maldivian youth, into their mode of thinking.


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