Religious NGO Al-Minhaj condemns Islamic Foundation President’s allegations against Sheikh Farreed

Local religious NGO Al-Minhaj has condemned allegations made by President of Islamic Foundation of Maldives (IFM) Ibrahim Fauzee that Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed had defrauded the religious NGO, reports local media.

In a statement issued to the media, Mihaj claimed the president of IFM was trying to discredit Sheikh Fareed “because he is a person respected and loved by the people”.

The NGO claimed the IFM president had misled people via the media and called on Fauzee to apologise and repent.

Fauzee recently alleged that Sheikh Fareed and Former Vice President of the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM) Mohamed Fauzee had defrauded the NGO, and claimed to have evidence he said he would provide to the media.

Following the allegations, Fareed and Mohamed Fauzee filed a defamation case at the Civil Court seeking payment of more than MVR 3 million (US$195,000) and a public apology from Ibrahim Fauzee on local media over three consecutive days.

Last Wednesday (June 12) Fauzee told Minivan News he had evidence to support the allegations including CCTV footage.

‘’They are worried because we can prove criminal charges against them,’’ he said, adding that he would release the footage to the press. “The story in the media is inaccurate.”

Fauzee said Sheikh Fareed had been dismissed from his position as Vice President of the Religious Council of IFM, and Mohamed Fauzee from the position of the NGO’s Vice Presidency following the matter.