Sheikh Fareed purchases media company

Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed has acquired a license to broadcast a religious TV channel under the name ITV after purchasing a local company called Intone Media Private Limited, local media has reported.

Sun Online today reported that Fareed was already in the process of trying to begin broadcasting under the channel.

Fareed has been accused of defrauding the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM), an NGO which he co-founded, by the foundation’s President Ibrahim Fauzee. He was subsequently dismissed from his position as Vice President of the Religious Council of IFM.

Fareed later filed a defamation case against Fauzee seeking a payment of more than MVR 3 million (US$195,000) and a public apology within local media for three consecutive days.


One thought on “Sheikh Fareed purchases media company”

  1. It's not considered stealing when you do it for Holy Allah. This money is going to help establish a dawahganda channel to further braiwash Dhivehistanis to kill, maimm and mutilate the infidel and those who oppose Shariah. If you can take a soul for Allah's sake or commit sodomy for Allah's sake why not take a few rufiyaa? Our brothers should keep the ends in mind. Forget the means.


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