Research essential for improving health sector, says deputy health minister

Deputy Health Minister Hussain Rasheed has said that proper research is essential for identifying shortcomings and improving the health sector, local media has reported.

Speaking at a research workshop in Nasandhuraa Palace Hotel on Sunday, Rasheed said proper scientific evidence concerning the incidence and spread of diseases in the Maldives, its effects, affected age groups, and obstacles to health service provision in health centres needed to be identified.

“Developments achieved in modern medicine and innovative treatment methods are found out through the hard work of many, and through research,” he was quoted as saying by newspaper Haveeru.

Rasheed also stressed the importance of standardising health sector research proposals as well as capacity building and training for members of the national health research committee.

The five-day workshop is being conducted assistance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for groups interested in health research. The health ministry said the purpose of the workshop is to ensure that research proposals meet the requirements set by the ministry, develop research methodology and skills, and encourage ethical and scientific review.