SAARC Summit – new road and convention centre for Addu atoll

The hosting of the next SAARC Summit in southern Maldives is the subject of government consultations in Male, according to reports claiming that senior government officials, the State Minister for South Province Mohamed Naseer, and citizens of the southern province have attended the meetings.

The construction of a convention centre in Addu atoll, and a new road, were also discussed.

People attending the meetings believed that it would be better if the convention centre could be built so it could be converted into a single hall once the SAARC Summit is over.

The Summit budget is expected to be US$10 million, and the government of Maldives hopes it will be raised from friendly countries and donors, says the President’s Office press secretary Zuhair. The government has begun fundraising for the event, he added.

“We have already got some kind of assistance from donors which could be utilised for the SAARC Summit. When these donations are connected with the projects for the Summit, we hope that the total budget for the meeting can be reduced,” says Zuhair.