Saudi Arabia donates 50 tons of dates

Saudi Arabia donated 50 tons of date palm fruits to the Maldives today ahead of the upcoming fasting month of Ramadan.

The Saudi government has donated large shipments of dates every year since 1988.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the State Trading Organisation (STO) has been tasked with clearing the fruits from customs as well as its storage, after which the dates will be distributed through the Local Government Authority (LGA).


One thought on “Saudi Arabia donates 50 tons of dates”

  1. Do we need this donation of date from Saudi Arabia?
    Well, I am sure quality of this date shipment will not be suitable to feed even cattle’s.
    Can’t understand why our government treats us animals. Our beg Saudis for food. We grow food and were happy to eat yam, pumpkins, and breadfruits. We don’t need this kind of rubbish!


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