Sharia-compliant resort announced for Maldives

Islamic hospitality firm Lootah Hotel Management (LHM) has announced plans to open a Sharia-compliant resort in the Maldives by 2013.

LHM, a division of the Dubai-based SS Lootah group of companies, signed and agreement with Maldives’ Kalaidhu Investment to construct the resort, a US$85 million project it says will include 50 luxury villas with private swimming pool and a private beach, restaurant, recreation centre, spa, marina and yachts among other amenities “to ensure the welfare and privacy of the families.”

In a statement CEO of Lootah Hotel Management, Nasser Lootah, said “the decision comes as part of the Group’s strategy to expand its footprint and customer base towards prestigious tourism destinations around the world.”

Lootah added that” Islamic hospitality is gaining popularity with those who prefer quality services provided in a calm atmosphere commensurate with family values.”

Abdulla Saeed, Managing Director, Kalaidhu Investment said, “We are pleased to be partnering with the pioneer of Islamic hospitality in the UAE. This offers a unique opportunity for us to work towards the development of universally recognised ‘Halal standards’ for Shari’ah-compliant hotels and resorts, to comply with and create similar guidelines for the benefit of the hospitality and tourism industry.”

LHM currently manages the Al Jawhara Group of Hotels & Apartments.


12 thoughts on “Sharia-compliant resort announced for Maldives”

  1. "50 luxury villas with private swimming pool and a private beach, restaurant, recreation centre, spa, marina and yachts among other amenities "

    What?! No camels?! What kind of a backward dump is this?

  2. I heard Misvark is provided for the entire duration of stay. Booking can be maid with a attested copy of the marriage certificate or with birth certificates that can confirm blood relations.

    A bold step, we Muslims can finally enjoy a great sunny vacation.

  3. Yaamyn you lump of camels' ear wax what did you think the "other amenities" are?

    Jokes aside, is a hotel for holiday making compatible with Sharia?

  4. That is such good news.

    I would like to find out whether the women will be wearing sharia-compliant swim wear?

    Also would there be anyone teaching sharia compliant swimming?

    Perhaps it's a good idea to include Sharia-complaint indoor and outdoor games?

    And since wastage and extra comfort is not encouraged in Islam, I would like to know in advance the details of the service.

  5. peasant,

    Where do you think geniuses like Zakir Naik take off on a holiday to spend all those millions they swindle uh, i mean, EARN from freshly converted minions?

    I'm imagining a dedicated inconspicious rear-door entry for the harem, separate jacuzzis in each bedroom, and maybe a separate island a little way off for the ladies to enjoy what the ocean looks like from behind a tent.

    I'm excited already!

  6. Sounds great. I can bring all my wifes and the children and each will stay in a separate room or I can take turns in bringing each one of them at a time. O perhaps I can come to Maldives and do a temporary marriage. I am sure the Management will think about it and provide young girls for temporary marriages. After all thats how the Arabs left their blood clots back in Maldives and the off springs have forgotten about their "darifaskolhu" and the way the forefathers lived. Time to go return to traditions. Hope the management will remember to bring the belly dancing girls for our entertainment in the evening while the women stays in the villa and enjoy the luxury:)

  7. Al-hamdhulillah....And thanx a lot for Lootah Hotel Management (LHM)...I am confident your work is important for our country...please keep up the noble & great work that you are doing to improve existing concept of our tourism industry..God bless you and us, Ameen

  8. as there is supposed to be no fun in Islam, it should be an interesting holiday.......... j

  9. Maldives can boom the economy by being disciplined within in the islamic principles. At present some resorts operate in ways that has little respect to the culture of Maldives. Some resorts ban wearing headscarf to female staff and often the uniforms require them to wear very short skirts (bear in mind that there are Muslim foreign staff as well such as from Indonesia apart from local staff). In Maldives, even the ones who dont wear hijab it is rare that they wear skirts shorter than knee length. But some resorts require such uniforms. Then there is a Lithuanian company that recently proposed a resort where only blonde staff will work while they know Maldivians being south asians normally have black hair. Do we need to go into such unMaldivian strategies to attract tourists. I think such strategies will only make Maldives embarassed because why should we think tourists are hungry for erotic experience such as attracting through blondes or female staff with short skirts.

  10. It is a matter defining 'fun'. Different people have different views. Where is the proof that Islam does not have room for fun. If you think fun is just being nude on the beach, better have no fun. Middle East is the place from where the Judaism, Christianity and Islam begun. But today's picture is different. So it is not necessary, Arabs are the real Muslims. What they do is not necessarily always Islamic. How many Arabic countries practice prophets way handing over power. Prophet had simply left it for the people to decide.


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