Six men arrested for dismantling DRP camp

Six men who attempted to remove a temporary Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) campaign office in Haa Alifu atoll Dhidhdhoo were arrested by police after a confrontation with those inside, Haveeru reports.

Police said the six men were taken into custody “to keep the peace”, and were later cautioned and released.

Dhidhdhoo Councilor Ahmed Shareef claimed that no authorisation to set up a political camp, or ‘jagaha’, in the harbour area had been given as the area was a commercial zone.

Leader of the DRP jagaha, Mohamed Naseer Nasru, said no permission had been sought for the camp because many others had previously been built in the area.

“There is no justification for this; it’s just plain unfair,” he told Haveeru. “We asked them not to take the place apart as we are willing to pay the rent for it.”