Stay-home mothers deserve pensions: Nasheed

Stay-home mothers deserve pensions as well as enhanced work opportunities, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) presidential candidate Mohamed Nasheed said during a campaign event yesterday evening (Tuesday).

Taking calls during a Q&A session held for women, Nasheed said he would find a means to raise funds for said pension, reported Haveeru. He also highlighted the gender components of the MDP’s manifesto.

“Out of the 137 programs included in our policies, six have been solely designed for women,” he said, according to Haveeru.

Among MDP’s proposed policies for women are flexible working hours, complemented by day care services. During the Q&A, Nasheed added that housing is a primary concern for mothers and that this would be addressed by his administration, if elected.


4 thoughts on “Stay-home mothers deserve pensions: Nasheed”

  1. What's wrong with their husband spending on them? In Islam, it is the husband's duty to spend on the wife and his children. Why are we disrupting this beautiful and egalitarian rule for a Western welfare system that would only tax us more? Taxation will only compete with holy Zakah and will abolish the culture of begging. It deprives the wealthy elite from feeling good about themselves.

  2. Nasheed has a big mount to talk bulls**t the people. Since his tongue will not get pull out from his mouth , he can say anything he wants.

    But truth of the matter is that he has no leadership quality and he could not manage this small country. Majority of the people do not want him to be back in the office and we will see it on 7th Sept.

    Question is whether Fili Nasheed will be able to digest the defeat ? I doubt that he can and he will ask his " buddies " to go on the road and start the violence.

    A guy who could not manage his own company can not manage a country.

  3. A socialist welfare system must not be taken to its limits right down to a communist system though.
    A lot of welfare is proposed by all the parties, taking care of peolke of less means is a good thing, but I do hope it implemented after enough research not to crash the system. We can't always be borrowing money to plug in recurrent expenditure


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