STO head Azim dismissed from post

The government has sacked State Trading Organisation (STO) Managing Director Adam Azim, brother of former defence minister Mohamed Nazim.

President’s Office Spokesperson Ibrahim Muaz tweeted yesterday that the government has appointed Ahmed Shaheer, formerly head of the procurement department, to the post of managing director.

Speaking at the organisation’s 50th anniversary celebration in January – just days after Nazim’s dismissal, but prior to his arrest – President Abdulla Yameen had said that managing directors of state owned companies should not expect their jobs to be permanent if they do not perform well.

Former defence minister Nazim is accused of plotting to harm senior government officials. He is also facing illegal weapons charges after police allegedly discovered a hand gun, ammunition, an improvised explosive device, and a pen drive containing incriminating documents at his home.

Nazim has repeatedly denied the claims, accusing tourism minister Ahmed Adeeb of framing him. Nazim’s defense team has raised questions over the transparency of the trial and accused Prosecutor General (PG) Muhthaz Muhsin of politicising the case.

Nazim’s wife Afaaf Abdul Majeed was also charged along with Nazim before the state withdrew charges on the first hearing. saying that they had found new evidence on the pen drive that proved Afaaf was not involved.


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