Stranded container ship in Male’ refloated: MNDF

A container ship was yesterday (Janaury 7) stranded in waters on the eastern side of Male’ for three hours before tug boats were able to successfully refloat the vessel, local media has reported.

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Spokesperson Colonel Abdul Raheem told Minivan News last night that the ship, called Auguste Schulte, sailed under a Liberian flag.

The MNDF told local media that while the ship itself did not suffer much damage from the incident, investigations would be carried out on the reef where the boat had been stuck.

Should any damage be found on the reef, a fine of MVR 85,000 (US$ 5508) per square metre of damaged reef will be imposed, an official from the Transport Authority told the Sun Online news agency.


2 thoughts on “Stranded container ship in Male’ refloated: MNDF”

  1. To my belief, the vessel either ran aground, or got stuck to the reef and was not maneuverable without the assistance of tug boats.
    This has to be investigated and judged without prejudice.
    Because the reason why this happened can vary from malfunctioning of machinery, equipment or it can be natural causes or even human error!
    However, the stress on fine as told by an official from the Transport Authority telling Sun Online news agency is quiet striking!
    To my belief, this option should be the last to think of!
    However, in a place where justice is a game, one can expect anything to happen!

  2. Why is it that the government's first priority is to calculate how much can be levied as a fine?

    We should be thankful that the vessel's fuel oil tanks did not rupture and cause a massive oil spillage. Maldives will not be able to cope with even a minor oil spillage.

    The vessel's Master lacked judgement and was a poor sailor. He was instructed by Maldives Ports Limited pilots to abort his approach to Male Roads without a pilot. This he did. By turning the vessel hard to port. He failed to consider the speed of the vessel, her turning circle, prevailing currents and proximity to danger. As a result, he ran aground off Devil's Point near Male'.

    In future, vessel's Agents should give clear instructions to vessel's Masters NEVER to commence the Gaadhoo Koi approach to Male' without a pilot. Master's should be given clear instructions to wait at the Pilot Boarding Grounds for pilot and commence the approach only when pilot boards the vessel.

    The Harbour Master, Captain Ahmed Rasheed, MPL Pilots and tug crew should be thanked for their professional skill in refloating the vessel in such a short period without any pollution damage.


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