Subsidy for more electricity consumers from September: Firaq

Electricity usage exceeding 400 units may be subsidised from September, the deputy minister for home affairs Mohamed Firaq told Television Maldives (TVM) on Sunday, reports Haveeru.

The additional subsidies would go to applicants after a review of their financial situation, said Firaq. The government presently subsidises electricity usage below 400 units. “After September, subsidies will be provided to applicants. Usage of below 400 units will be subsidised after an ‘easy’ form is submitted. Subsidies for those who use more than 400 units will be provided after they submit a special application form,” Firaq said. “Sometimes the electricity bill becomes hefty for houses with large families… The new policy aims to provide subsidies to this group.”

The forms are available at STELCO and the National Social Protection Agency.

The government gives some Rf5.5 million as subsidies to STELCO, and the amount would reach Rf60 million by the end of 2010, reports Haveeru. The fuel surcharge would be subsidised.