Superindendent of Police promises quick response to violence

Police Superintendent Ahmed Mohamed has promised swift justice for those believed to be  responsible for the violent clashes that accompanied the opening of the People’s Majlis.

“The masterminds who planned and orchestrated the violence would be arrested soon and we would probe the matter very seriously,” Ahmed said at a press conference last night.

During the conference, it was revealed that 11 police officers had been injured after the day’s unrest, with one in a critical condition.

The dismantling of the Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) camp was explained as a response to criminal incidents such as yesterday’s violence, which the superintendent alleged had originated from the area.


2 thoughts on “Superindendent of Police promises quick response to violence”

  1. Be brave enough to call the Mastermind by name and bring him in. The country already set on fire by coup leaders. Now the police is trying to pour petrol on it on the orders of Home affairs minister Jameel who never smiles. Go Police, let the country burn now that you all mutinied for this to happen.


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