Supreme Court to oversee senior administrative appointments

The Supreme Court has published regulations mandating that senior administrative staff of the judiciary be appointed only after direct consultation with the court’s bench.

According to the regulation posted on the court’s website yesterday (January 3), individuals chosen to fill senior administrative positions in the judiciary will be interviewed for the job by a panel appointed by the Supreme Court bench.

Individuals seeking senior administrative jobs must be able to prove their working experience, knowledge of the laws regarding state finances, leadership and managerial skills, fluency in Dhivehi and other foreign languages – including English or Arabic, and their capacity to represent Maldives in international forums and seminars.

The court last year introduced regulations making it mandatory for judges and judicial employees to seek permission to attend overseas events, prompting suggestions that the Supreme Court is centralising judicial administration.

Similar claims made by the Human Rights Commission of Maldives have resulted in an ongoing ‘suo moto’ case in the Supreme Court in which the commission is charged with undermining the Constitution and the country’s sovereignty.