Suspension of trial raises hopes for credible presidential polls: Times of India

The halt on ex-Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed’s controversial trial has raised hopes of more credible presidential polls in the country, where electioneering has picked up pace with the nomination of candidates for the elections including through primaries, writes Sameer Arshad for the Times of India.

The Maldivian High Court halted the case on April 1 days after the European Union said the polls would not be credible without Nasheed, whose supporters describe the trial for ordering a judge’s detention during his tenure as motivated to prevent him from contesting. The UN echoed countries like India and the US as it urged all sides to work for ensuring “fair, peaceful and inclusive elections’’ last month.

Yet Nasheed’s participation is not completely guaranteed. His supporters fear the Supreme Court may overrule the order suspending the trial till the legality of the judges hearing his case in a lower court is decided. They point out rampant political control over Maldivian judiciary to underline their fears and warn of a violent backlash if they come true.

Nasheed’s supporters were somewhat vindicated as UN Special Rapporteur Gabriela Knaul called for constitutional reforms to ensure judicial independence in the Indian Ocean archipelago, while saying judges and lawyers “were not sufficiently independent from external pressures and interferences” in February.

Even Nasheed appears to be unsure of his participation, saying it does not suit the interests of the current dispensation, which stands little chance in retaining its hold following the elections in his presence. He too has warned of violence in case he is prevented from participating in the polls.

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3 thoughts on “Suspension of trial raises hopes for credible presidential polls: Times of India”

  1. No matter how much money India gives to Nasheed, this idiot will never win the upcoming election.

    Majority of Maldivian never want this idiot ever as a President of this country.

  2. Kuribee, did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby?.....were you educated in a back street madrasa in Lahore?
    Indians have NO INTEREST in the dumb politics of your unstable and disfunctional country.....President Nasheed asked for refuge in our Male embassy.....we did not invite him in.
    I guess you will be voting for a religious party that will establish a new islamic caliphate in the Indian its back to the seventh century for you.....just think of the fun you will have amputating the limbs of criminals and flogging women.
    President Nasheed was elected democratically (google meaning of the word 'democratically')and therefore has the support of the Indian people.

  3. @ MissIndia New Delhi:
    "Indians have NO INTEREST in the dumb politics of your unstable and disfunctional country….."

    Apparently you ahve a lot of interest in Maldives. 😉 LOL
    can't help it eh??


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