Thailand’s Princess Sirindhorn visits the Maldives

Thailand’s Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn arrived for an official visit to the Maldives today (August 22), reported local media.

The princess is scheduled to visit the National Museum during her trip. Today she met with President Mohamed Waheed and First Lady Ilham Hussain as well as other cabinet members, said the President’s Office.

Sirindhorn will remain in the Maldives until Friday (August 23).


7 thoughts on “Thailand’s Princess Sirindhorn visits the Maldives”

  1. Maldives certainly knows how to pull in the top leaders of the world. Who's next on the list to visit? Robert Mugabe? Kim Jong-un? Kylie Minogue?
    And what exactly will Princess Sirindhorn see in your National Museum?.....the remains of the smashed up pre islamic idols perhaps?

  2. The princess will be disappointed to know that none of the pre-Islamic Buddhist heritage survives. Also unlike her country which performs the highest number of gender reassignment surgeris and might very soon legalise gay marriage, Maldives is a very homophobic and transphobic nation.

  3. Why would royalty from a Buddhist nation visit a intolerant Islamic nation where its Buddhist pre Islamic heritage has been smashed to smithereens?.....I don't get it.
    You guys should be inviting leaders from countries that share your hate filled religion.....Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt, Bangladesh and Terroristan.
    Maybe the Thai princess can give you a few tips on how to increase tourist numbers by providing sexual services to tourists like in Bangcock.....oops sorry I meant Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.....more sleazy bars with underage pole dancers, massage parlours with ladyboy masseuses and gay clubs with rent boys.

  4. Thai people are not like You cow worshiper ? Thai does not have so much inhuman activities and cast system like you in India.

    Thailand is far better developed than you backward India.

    Thai people have no hidden agenda like you.

    Thai people gives respect to other unlike you.

    You can keep on writing comments and trying to spread your propaganda against Maldives with no limits,

    But remember you dirty background will never be able to succeed .

  5. Of course if you followed Thailand and encouraged sex tourism in the Maldives, you would need to get your sex workers from overseas.
    I can't see tourists paying top dollar for hanky panky with short, fat and dim Maldivians.

  6. @ kuribee

    Thailand is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

  7. At least we can visit many countries without prior visa including Japan and Korea and what about your s**t Indian passport. lol


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