The government to take all major lands from Malé City Council

Following a cabinet decision on Tuesday, the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure has decided to take all major lands in Malé City from the city council.

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr Mohamed Muiz today told Haveeru that the lands that will be taken from the council including the artificial beach, carnival area, south harbour area, lands near the T-Jetty, Usfasgandu, and Dharubaaruge.

Muiz told that the decision was made to develop these lands under a master plan formulated by the ministry, and that it was not because of any problems existing between the council and the ministry.

“We are taking almost all big lands [in Malé]. We will very soon inform the council in writing that those have been taken [from the council]. We will work with the council. I don’t think this will create any problems,” Muiz said.

The government has the authority to take such lands to utilise them for social and economic purposes. He said that all arrangements of transfer, including the issue of any existing contracts with a private party, will be dealt according to the laws and regulations.


4 thoughts on “The government to take all major lands from Malé City Council”

  1. Of course it will be dealt according to laws and regulations, cause PPM can just change laws and regulations if they don't suit them.

    And of course it's not about power, it's part of a master plan, for the good of the people. Funny thing is, the majority of the Maldivians even buy this crap.

  2. It's great, man! Now that the government is finally developing our favorite dealing spots in the Dharubaaruge, Carnival Area and T-Jetty, we can now deliver heroin by the kilo, instead of packet by packet. It'll also have security cameras so we can persecute anyone trying to kill us!

    Dhivehi kuhthaathan bovvannan yageen!

  3. Doubt that theyd allow an MDP jagaha in those developing grounds, to provide refreshments for your fellow party people

    "Bireh nethi majaa kuran"


  4. Ey, mashaa nubehechey ingey. Umaru kaey fundaalaafaane maa fuppanyaa. MDPge balaibodukamun usfasgandugai mashah dealeh nujessey. Thi MDP baigandu fassaalaafa aharumennah Yaantey thanhaddhanee! HAJAMIT.


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