Thilafushi lagoon cleared of floating garbage

The lagoon of industrial island Thilafushi has been cleared of floating garbage to allow vessels to enter and dock at the harbour without difficulty, reports Haveeru.

According to a statement by the Thilafushi Corporation yesterday, the cleaning effort was proceeding apace and the corporation expected the lagoon to be completely cleared this week.

The corporation explained that garbage was floating freely because of spillage from barges discharging garbage at the island.

The Male’ City Council’s waste management section has informed the corporation that it would be monitoring garbage disposal at Thilafushi, the press statement revealed.


One thought on “Thilafushi lagoon cleared of floating garbage”

  1. This a funnyiest expression I hear. Monitoring the garbage ahaha this you do since you are born ahaha.
    Instead to react and to something , seating ona cher and telling monitoring. This garbage is not since yesterday there dear goverment, since day 1
    You guys just talking same as carbon free , time is ticking tick tack .....
    and minivan news why you are not looking for news not olds what already everybody knows . You are young people, with inteligent people behind plus we do have DEMOCRACY here in the maldives you can anything you want "with respect" find something what is not in the news, reserch , you follow the river like all others ........


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