Tholal receives 87 points from parliamentary review committee

Ahmed Tholal has been recommended to the post of Deputy Human Rights Commissioner by a parliamentary review committee.

President Mohamed Nasheed recommended Tholal for the post on December 18. Parliament is now expected to vote on the nomination.

The review committee reports that Tholal received 87 points for his capability, experience, leadership, integrity and educational qualifications, Haveeru reports.

The committee includes Dhidhoo MP Ahmed Sameer, Machangoalhi-North MP Mohamed Rasheed, Madaveli MP Mohamed Nazim, Kela MP Dr Abdulla Mausoom, Hithadhoo-South MP Hassan Latheef, Velidhoo MP Ali Mohamed, and Maavashu MP Abdul Aziz Jamaal Abu Bakr.

The Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) has operated without a deputy commissioner for over one year, although one is required by the commission’s charter. The nomination of Jeehan Mahmoud  last year was rejected on the grounds that the commission leadership should exhibit a balance of genders following Mariyam Azra’s approval as HRCM President.