‘Time just right for dialogue, political reconciliation’: Observer Research Foundation

“Given the shock and awe democracy has inspired in the nation over the past three or four years, the current phase is a sit-back time for the nation to take stock before moving forward,” writes N Sathiya Moorthy for the Observer Research Foundation.

“The nation is also in a more receptive, reflective and contemplative mood than anytime over the past months and years. It cannot afford to lose this opportunity.

For the right atmosphere to be created for such a dialogue and national reconciliation coupled with a political consensus on a way forward for existing issues of institutionalisation and recurring problems of economy, Maldives has to begin at the beginning.

Independent of charges and counter-charges, of a criminal nature in particular, the immunity available to past Presidents should apply uniformly, so that parties and leaders do not still have to live in the past, or have to defend their decisions and actions while in office.

Where the nation has learnt from the democratic developments of the past years, it can look at options for the future, including legal and punitive actions. At the end of the day, democracy is a dynamic process, and it will be more so in the case of Maldives, which wants to do – and will have to do – all at once. Errors and correctives are also part of greater democratisation.”


2 thoughts on “‘Time just right for dialogue, political reconciliation’: Observer Research Foundation”

  1. They have been having this political dialogue for past years dint work much even time of Gayoom was the same.Talk of a road map and party's dialogue talk of the same thing again this wont work.Must file action against coup is the ans Dialogue is GAME

  2. Agree dialogue/road map is a waste of time. To go forward coup leaders and participants must be brought to justice. Maximum penalty available under the law must be given to the people concerned. Maldives democracy was working fine before the coup. There was robust discussion in parliament, the press was fierce in reporting politics and political parties had a free run.
    Even though Pres Nasheed had a hostile Parliament he managed to put through landmark reforms; company tax, GST, health insurance, age pension and many more. You will find it difficult to name many democracies on this planet who can claim this sort of reforms.
    Road block to democracy is Maumoon. He and his cronies are experienced in manipulating people. He uses his so called Islamic Scholarship to use religion to his advantage. I have no doubt that he is behind the coup but he is too smart to dirty his hands so we may never be able to bring him to justice.
    Maldivians are waiting for the next two election to have their say. We are not fools. Justice will prevail in the end.


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