Tourism minister Adeeb appointed acting Home Minister

Minister of Tourism Ahmed Adeeb has been appointed the acting minister of home affairs, while Umar Naseer is travelling abroad.

According to Sun Online Umar Naseer is leaving on an official trip coupled with a personal one, although no details on when he would be returning was revealed.

President Abdulla Yameen yesterday (January 21) brought changes to a number of ministries and state institutions in the aftermath of Colonel (ret) Mohamed Nazim’s dismissal as defence minister.

Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Dr Mohamed Shainee was appointed to the vacated acting health minister’s position, while Umar Naseer was appointed to the Local Government Association.

Additionally, the Department of Immigration and Emigration – under Nazim’s remit as part of the defence ministry since December 2012 – was reallocated to the Ministry of Economic Development.

Adeeb had previously acted as defence minister earlier this month, when Nazim was away on personal business.