Tourist arrivals reach record-high in February

Tourist arrivals in February reached record-high figures with 87,106 guests visiting the Maldives last month, the highest-number recorded in a single month, reports Haveeru.

Arrivals in February increased 9.6 percent from the previous month, while the number of arrivals in February of last year was 77,063 tourists.

Statistics from the Immigration Department show a 15 percent increase during the first two months of 2011 compared to the same period last year.

Continuing last year’s trend, Chinese tourists constitute the largest market share with 18.5 percent, while European visitors still make up 64 percent.

Average occupancy in 91 resorts during February stayed high at 94.3 percent.


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  1. well if you consider the Chineese as Tourist I agree. But if you look people who are spending some money :-)then not. they are tourist! If you wold leaf some locals "free" at the resort , I bet you wold make more money then with all chineese 🙂


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