Transparency Maldives launches Majlis-civil society ‘Dialogue Group’

Transparency Maldives (TM) has launched a Dialogue Group between members of parliament and civil society organisations, aimed at increasing public participation in decision making.

In a press release to mark the first meeting today, TM noted that the group has been established “to foster a culture of openness and transparency in the Parliament”.

Recent decisions in the Majlis regarding the reappointment of the prosecutor general and the removal of two Supreme Court judges this week prompted the anti-corruption NGO to express “grave concerns” about undemocratic trends in the country.

The Dialogue Group – which comprised three Majlis members and seven civil society groups – also discussed signing an MoU to clarify the group’s mandate and show commitment to further engagement.

Representing the Majlis in today’s meeting were Maldivian Democratic Party MP Imthiyaz Fahmy, Adhaalath MP Anara Naeem, and Jumhooree Party MP Ali Hussain.

Civil society was meanwhile represented by TM, the Society for Health Education (SHE), the Care Society, the Islamic Foundation, Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC), and Hope for Women, as well as a group from Hirilandhoo in Thaa Atoll.


5 thoughts on “Transparency Maldives launches Majlis-civil society ‘Dialogue Group’”

  1. Transparency Maldives is a political wing of Nasheed and they can not be transparent when it come to issue with Nasheed.

  2. Also they don't represent " collective views" of Maldivian and they only represent Nasheed opinion.

  3. That's okay. I don't believe in dialog, and your MPS and MNDF is a militant wing of your party.

    At least Transparency Maldives doesn't beat up and kill people.... unlike you.

  4. The first in our history , water cannon was used to peaceful demonstrator who gathered outside STELCO building which is not even disrupting public transport, by Nasheed.

    So called peace loving " Dicator Nasheed" .

    Transparency Maldives is a politcal wing of Nasheed and we don't care what you and your things says.

    Majority of Maldivian are sick of the dictator Nasheed and his thugs .

  5. I'm not a 'thing', Hero. I'm your brother. See, you're so brainwashed that you call your own brother a 'thing'.

    PS: Serves you right for trying to firebomb the STELCO building. Peaceful protestors my shattered left foot.


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