Transport Ministry rules out Male’ bus service

The Transport Ministry has backed down from a plan to introduce a bus service in Male’ because of the condition of the roads and lack of alternate routes for large vehicles in the city’s narrow streets.

Adil Saleem has ruled out the possibilities of beginning bus transport service in Male because of the current condition of the roads.

“What would happen now is, if the bus were to travel from Hulhumale ferry terminal with a busload of people to Vilingili ferry terminal and if for some reason a road happens to be closed and there is no other route the bus could take, [the system] would be brought to a standstill,” said Transport Minister Adil Saleem, according to Haveeru.

“There are many things to do before we can begin the bus service. Space needs to be created on the roads of Male so that buses can be accommodated.”


One thought on “Transport Ministry rules out Male’ bus service”

  1. No buses? How about establishing monorails and at the same time banning lorries, pickups, big cars..


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