Two arrested for assaulting police officer during protest

Two men have been arrested for assaulting a Specialist Operation (SO) police officer during the May Day opposition protest on Friday.

The first suspect was taken into custody on Friday night while the second suspect was arrested with a court warrant yesterday, reports online news outlet CNM.

CNM identified the suspects as Abdulla Rasheed, 49, from Galolhu Keema in Malé, and Moosa Sharmeel, 35, from the Malé special registry.

Police had appealed for public assistance in identifying and locating suspects seen in video footage.

The police officer, identified as corporal Ismail Basheer, was flown to Sri Lanka for further treatment. However, officials from the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital had said the injuries were not severe.

Police have since posted a second video of the assault. Eyewitnesses told Minivan News that several protesters, including former opposition MP Ahmed Easa, protected the fallen police officer, helped him to his feet, and took him back behind police lines.