Two males and a minor arrested on Muli over assault of foreign national

Police have arrested two suspects in connection with the assault of a Bangladeshi national on the island of Muli in Meemu Atoll yesterday (June 17), according to media reports.

The two male suspects, aged 24 and 23 years, were arrested at around 4:50am this morning whilst attempting to hide in house on the island, Sun Online has reported. Police have also reportedly arrested a minor in connection to the attack.

Sun Online reported that the as yet unidentified victim, who was found to have suffered multiple head injuries, was presently in Muli Regional hospital where his condition was said to be improving.


3 thoughts on “Two males and a minor arrested on Muli over assault of foreign national”

  1. Most Maldivian youth are lazy and they waste time smoking on swings. With the expectation of getting white collar jobs, they don't do even simple things they can do. If not for particularly Bangladeshis and other nationals, the Maldives would be the dirtiest and most backward country in the region. During my visits to Maldives, I met many Bangladeshis and found them to be smarter, more energetic and understandable.

  2. I'm sure the Dhivehistanis were just trying to show the slave his place and didn't intend to murder him. Hilath and Velezinee were shown their place too. Sometimes a bit of manhandling is needed to control such wild people. Ignore the Dhivehistanis.

  3. @Jim Smith on Tue, 18th Jun 2013 10:00 PM.

    By nature, Bangladeshis, especially the illiterate ones who come to work as labourers, are dumb and are really backward. Fact!

    As you have said, the younger generation are smart and energetic. But the minute you turn around, you can rather be sure than skeptical about them doing their own lazy work.

    When you return and question about any delay or unfinished work, they will come up with 100 and 1 excuses!

    If any age is engaged in a household job, they will call the lady of the house "sister" and the man of the house "bappa", this is for sure!

    There have also been cases that when a young Bangla guy is employed to the household, the "bappa" and "sister" have deep disagreements and are easily separated! Fact!

    If there is an elderly guy employed in the household, the younger boys have to be watched very carefully!

    Especially the islanders, when they employ a Bangla person, they first of all do not know where Bangladesh is, and they have no clue as to their environment and life style! Because they are more lazy, they import these people and often get extra ordinarily sensitive results!

    You still have to know a lot about these people!

    "Most Maldivian youth are lazy and they waste time smoking on swings.", I can humbly agree with you!


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