UN website hacked by Anonymous

The United Nation (UN)’s Maldives website has been defaced by internet ‘hacktivists’ Anonymous.

Maldives Anonymous, who claimed responsibility for the hack, posted a large image on the UN homepage stating that the group had exposed the website’s weak security.

“You have been hacked. We are here. Your security is zero. System is pwned and owned by Anonymous.MV404,” the message reads. “Don’t hate me for this. Your security made me do this.”

A post on Anonymous Maldives’ Facebook page, calls for the UN to “update its security” following the attack.

Anonymous is a loosely associated international group of hackers that claims to strongly oppose internet censorship and surveillance.

Formed in 2003, the group has hacked into a number of government computer systems across the world.


3 thoughts on “UN website hacked by Anonymous”

  1. // Based on my knowledge, people who don't know how to dedifferentiate the meaning of "PWNED" and "OWNED" , "you're" and "you'r" falls to "When you failed Grade 1 English" category. I really do "EXPECT" you guys to transform your grammar next time 🙂 and btw I'm not saying I condone hacking, especially since most of the people who want to do it nowadays, are only doing it to ?!?"impress"?!? but seriousy? calling yourself hackers? I see you as "Script Kiddies" WHY YOU ASK? well, Hacking to me is not necessarily the ability to get in but rather having the knowledge of how to get in, what is able to be done when in, and the ability to contour to the various settings of the environment?
    Its a bit funny and sad at the sametime knowing Script kiddies are taking over the world suddenly... using other peoples tools! I just have to admit that real hackers don't exist anymore?, im sure about that! all big and small companies that are hacked were just peeps that had luck with their private exploit. I must say the amount of script kiddies is rising, i am not a good security expert either, but there are kids who just dont know anything and still want to hack, thats irritating. They dont read, they just wanna download gui tool so they can hack a computer etc and by clicking on the "HACK" button rather than build and use their own ones. nuff said, what the hell right? since YOLO!


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