UNHRC votes to extend mandate of UN Special Rapporteur on Iran, Dr Ahmed Shaheed

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has extended the mandate of Dr Ahmed Shaheed as UN Special Rapporteur on Iran.

Shaheed, who also held the post of Maldives Minister of Foreign Affairs, was voted in with 26 votes in favour, 2 votes against and 17 abstentions during a UNHRC session in Geneva, Switzerland.

Shaheed has been previously refused access into Iran by Iranian authorities in order to investigate the country’s human rights situation, after the government accused him of accepting bribes from the United States.

Dr Shaheed presented his most recent report to the council on March 2013. Despite not being allowed into Iran, the Special Rapporteur has conducted 409 interviews “with primary sources located inside and outside the country.”

According to the report, 169 interviews were between September and December 2012 for the March 2013 report.

The report highlights “continued and widespread systemic and systematic violations of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Moreover, a lack of government investigation and redress generally fosters a culture of impunity, further weakening the impact of the human rights instruments Iran has ratified.”


3 thoughts on “UNHRC votes to extend mandate of UN Special Rapporteur on Iran, Dr Ahmed Shaheed”

  1. Good to see that Maldives voted in favour of extending Dr Shaheed's mandate. This will surely win Dr Waheed's government a number of friends in the West. Perhaps Maldives had no choice but to vote for Dr Shaheed? The bigger irony however is that everything that Dr Shaheed says in his report can also be said about Maldives-- from harassment of journalists, intimidation of political opponents, interference in the elections set for 2013, the mistreatment of women, flogging of minors, and reneging on international obligations under ICCPR and promises made at UPR.

  2. Good job Dr. Shaheed!

    Maldives voting for or against will not make any difference.

    The world is aware of the coup on 7th February, 2012.

    Traitor Waheed is trying hard!

    World leaders knows everything about him, and that he is a traitor who could screw or stab anyone at any time, just like he did to President Nasheed!


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