US Assistant Secretary Robert Blake to mediate Maldives deadlock

Former US Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives Robert Blake, now the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, arrives in the Maldives on Thursday to mediate talks between political parties.

Current US Ambassador Patricia Butenis has already hosted talks between the deadlocked executive and leaders of the opposition-majority parliament.

While in the Maldives, Blake will meet government officials, opposition parties, civil society representatives, anti-trafficking activists, and religious leaders.


2 thoughts on “US Assistant Secretary Robert Blake to mediate Maldives deadlock”

  1. President Anni has already said he does not believe tht a foreign mediator can do much to solve the problem, meaning that he would not buldge an inch.

    Mr. Blake may leave the country a sorry bloke.

  2. MDP has yet to prove that they are ready for genuine talks, not BS on pulic forums and make false guestures lilke during the election time.


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