US Islamic scholar Yasir Qadhi to visit Maldives

US Islamic scholar Yasir Qadhi has annnounced he will be visiting the Maldives, with the Islamic ministry confirming that he will be both lecturing and delivering the Friday sermon during March.

“I will be coming down to your beautiful islands in a few months insha Allah! I will be delivering some lectures in Male and giving the khutbah,” explained the Saudi-trained scholar via his Facebook page.

“I have heard so much about your country (and one of my good friends from the University of Madinah was from Maldives as well!),” he explained before inquiring which of the country’s islands was most suitable for Muslims.

Qadhi – currently teaching in Memphis, Tennessee – has been described by the New York Times as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam”.

Recent months have also seen Canadian scholar Dr Bilal Phillips and Turkish author Harun Yahya travel to the Indian Ocean archipelago to deliver religious lectures.


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  1. Interesting how you mentioned that he's Saudi-trained while totally missing out on the fact that he has an MPhil and a PhD in Islamic Studies from Yale and currently holds an assistant professorship at the Dept of Religious Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis.


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