US PISCES border system to come into use at midnight

The US granted Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System – or PISCES – system will go live in the Maldives tonight, local media has reported.

The system, described as “a critical tool in the war on terrorism”, by its manufacturer Booz Allen will be implemented just weeks after the cancellation of the government’s deal with Malaysian IT firm Nexbis to supply a customised border control system.

While Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim was today reported as saying that PISCES is a direct replacement for Nexbis’s, the Malaysian company has argued strongly that it is not, labelling PISCES nothing more than a “terrorist tracking system”.

After years of wrangling over the deal, Nexbis was given 14 days to vacate earlier this month. Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim cited “major losses” to the state as the reason for the contract termination – an argument Nexbis has strongly refuted.