Vice President Dr Jameel inaugurates Hotel Asia Exhibition

Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed inaugurated the ‘Hotel Asia 2014 Exhibition and Culinary Challenge’ at the Dharubaaruge convention centre yesterday.

According to the President’s Office, Dr Jameel in his remarks at the opening ceremony “highlighted the leading role played by Hotel Asia in the Maldives and across the region, successfully organising several of the most eminent hotel fairs in the Maldives.”

Dr Jameel noted that such high-profile events encouraged growth of the tourism industry.

“Focusing on the country’s commitment to excellence in global tourism, Vice President Jameel highlighted that the government focuses on delivering a business environment conducive to the growth and development of the hospitality industry in the Maldives,” the President’s Office said.

“The Vice President also emphasised the innovativeness of Maldivian resorts, with the country being host to the world’s first underwater spa and all glass underwater restaurant.”

On the importance of eco-friendly tourism, the vice president observed that “numerous resorts in the Maldives are designed and constructed to reflect the country’s strong green-conscience and commitment to environment and social sustainability.”

Organised by Maldives Exhibition and Conference Service (MECS), almost 500 members are reportedly participating in the culinary challenge event at the exhibition, including local and foreign chefs from 60 resorts.