Warning issued to government in Dharumavantha mosque Friday sermon

A stern warning was issued to the government in an unauthorised Friday sermon delivered at the Dharumavantha mosque in Malé.

According to online news outlet CNM and opposition-aligned private broadcaster Raajje TV, the imam of the independent prayer congregation slammed the government’s efforts to shut down the mosque.

The government was trying to declare “war” against the congregation, the imam said, and prayed for failure of the alleged plans.

A prayer was also offered against the government’s alleged efforts against the “true invitation” and for God to strike fear into the hearts of police and army officers who might rise against the true invitation.

In February this year, the Malé City Council shut down the Dharumavantha mosque at the request of the Islamic Ministry to stop unauthorised Friday prayers by a group described as “extremist” by Islamic Minister Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed.

Following a notice posted on the mosque announcing that it would be shut down, the independent congregation gathered for prayers the next Friday and prayed for God to destroy the government and for victory against the “irreligious” government which was attempting to obstruct the spreading of Allah’s message and to shut down mosques.

Requesting victory, they also prayed for God to destroy and send his wrath upon military and police officer who implement the government’s orders.

Despite efforts to shut down the mosque, the independent congregation has continued Friday prayers at the mosque.


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  1. Will they ever be able to digest that the 1000 Arabian nights are just a fantasy dream of a schizophrenic.

    Atomic clocks have precision timings. The science as we know it, as we see it, is pretty precise.

    The storyboard these mullahs pushout are potholed to the point, the painting is unrecognisable.

    The 'original' precision-universe, and the 'fake' story couldn't have come from the same factory! They just can't be.

  2. Another attack on Islam and free speech... MDP is out but the country must still work for true Islam.


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