Young man stabbed in the neck in Malé

A young man has been stabbed in the neck on Wednesday night near Reefside Shop in Malé, local media have reported.

According to Haveeru, Mohamed Nazeem was injured in a gang fight and has been hospitalized at the ADK Hospital. He remains in critical condition.

Gang violence has been on the rise in recent weeks after 24 year old Jailam Ahmed Shakir was stabbed to death on February 22.

Eyewitnesses told Minivan News that Jailam was stabbed numerous times by two men armed with machetes as he was sitting outside his house.

Police have arrested an individual in relation to Jailam’s death and remanded his detention for 15 days.


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  1. We will always be released. Adheeb has given us a license to kill any suspected MDP activists.


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