Yousuf Naseem second MP to leave DRP within 48 hours

MP Yousuf Naseem has today announced his decision to leave the government-aligned Dhivehi Rayyitunge Party (DRP), according to local media.

Yousuf told Sun Online that despite leaving the DRP, he had yet to decide which party he would now look to join. The MP said he would give his reasons for leaving the party at a later date.

“I did not leave the party because anything big happened. I have left the party, but have not decided on an ideology to accept next,” he was quoted as saying in local media.

Yousuf is the second MP to leave the DRP within the last 48 hours, following the announcement yesterday (June 10) by MP Ali Azim that he was defecting to the MDP.

“It is time for me to move forward,” he wrote via Twitter at the time.

Azim’s decision to leave the DRP was announced the same day the party’s leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali was unveiled as President Dr Mohamed Waheed’s running mate for September’s election.

This week’s departures from the DRP have left the party with nine MPs within parliament, local media has reported.

In April this year, Parliamentary Speaker Abdulla Shahid announced he was joining the MDP – days after resigning from the DRP.

Just a month earlier, Nolhivarum constituency MP Mohamed ‘Colonel’ Nasheed announced he had opted to join the DRP from the MDP.


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