‘SenaHiya’ Military Hospital officially opened by Indian Defense Minister

The ‘SenaHiya’ Military Hospital in Male’ was officially opened today at a ceremony inaugurated by Indian Defence Minister Shri A.K. Anthony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Anthony stated that the hospital was proof of the strong bond that exists between the two countries, adding that medical staff from the Indian Military would be permanently based on the newly opened site.

During his speech, Anthony spoke of the possibilities for the two countries to extend their existing defence collaboration in order to strengthen naval security and drug trafficking prevention.

Calling the construction of the hospital Anthony’s ‘dream project’, Minister of Defense and National Security Mohamed Nazim thanked the Indian defence minister for his role in getting the project completed.

“India and the Maldives share the same views and policies on a number of issues. India is also extending assistance in the areas of protecting the Maldives Exclusive Economic Zone and intelligence information,” Nazim said.

Although the official opening ceremony was held today, MNDF officials have said that the ‘SenaHiya’ Hospital has been in service since late 2010.

Speaking to Minivan News, MNDF Spokesperson Colonel Abdul Raheem said that ever since the military had moved to the new building in Henveiru in Male’, it had been providing medical services for its officers.

“With the help of the Indian government in 2011, we gradually improved the services to that of a hospital. We have been providing hospital-quality services to security forces and their families since the beginning of the year,” he said.

Colonel Raheem added that the hospital presently provided services to MNDF and police officers, along with their families, while efforts were also being made to begin offering services to Immigration and Customs officers at the site at a later date.  Public services are also expected to be offered, according to the MNDF.

Minister Anthony’s current visit is said to have resulted from an invitation from his Maldivian counterpart, who requested he open the SenaHiya Military Hospital and also lay the foundation of the new MNDF training academy.

The ceremony came after a week in which the international media has played up the rapidly expanding relations between the Maldives and China, drawing attention to the potential geopolitical implications for neighbouring India.


4 thoughts on “‘SenaHiya’ Military Hospital officially opened by Indian Defense Minister”

  1. This is totally unfair... The money could have been invested to upgrade IGMH or create another public hospital.

  2. The Indian Defence Minister, A K Anthony is a man with a mission. Hey, look now, they are going to have Indian Military Doctors working in SenaHiya....and the money for this stuff came from the Indian Govt. to have a good geopolitical base for surveillance. Brilliant!!

  3. In such a small country like Maldives, with limited resources, why should the armed forces get any special treatment when it comes to essential needs that the whole population requires and doesn't have? At the rate we are going the common people of this country won't have anything left after the police and mndf are done with their tourism, business, housing and now health care projects. How truly unfair to the rest of the population. And these people couldn't even protect the country from the coup, they were part of it. Shame, shame!


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