Maldives’ new defence policy rests on “Islam and national unity”: President Waheed

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan yesterday described the Maldives’ first ever National Defence Policy as “the main axis of civil protection”, resting on a bedrock of Islam and national unity.

Waheed’s comments came during the official launch of the policy white papers at the Islamic Centre in Male’, yesterday morning.

In his speech, Waheed described the policies as “institutionalised embodiments of civil protection” which ought to be respected by all government bodies.

“Contained [within] are also important policies which protect individual, social and economic freedoms, and promote environmental conservation in conjunction with strategies for sustainable development,” said Waheed.

The President stressed that civil protection was not just the responsibility of a few institutions, highlighting the importance of “sharing common objectives, so as to facilitate adherence to a well-determined course of action.”

Waheed also launched the new Ministry of Defence and National Security website, which included further details of the policies.

The site, designed as a portal for the Ministry’s public services, stated that the Defence and Security policies are available on its own as well as the President’s Office website.

Neither document was available at the time of press although Colonel Abdul Raheem of the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) told Minivan News that they would be available soon.

When asked why the government had decided to produce these policy documents, the first time the country has done so, Raheem said that it was a standard practice in other countries.

No spokesman for the President’s Office was available at the time of press.

“The National Security Policy outlines a fundamental and comprehensive framework on inter-related issues and concerns that may impinge on national security,” reported the Ministry’s statement.

“The National Defence Policy outlines the way forward to fulfill the mandate of the Ministry of Defence and National Security and gives policy guidance to the three major components under the Ministry; the Maldives National Defence Force, Disaster Management Center and Aviation Security Command,” it continued.

The statement described the National Security Policy as providing national priorities in order to guide related policies across all government departments.

“It guides the national decision making process so that the sovereignty and territorial integrity, the well-being of the people and state institutions and other national interests are protected and enhanced,” read the statement.

State Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali told Minivan News that he fully supported the new National Defence Policy.

“I feel it is important to get protection from acts of terrorism and extremism”, he said

Indian Defence Minister to visit

The Minister of Defence and National Security, Mohamed Nazim, has this week invited Indian Defence Minister A.K. Anthony to visit the country to officiate at the opening of the Maldivian Military Hospital as well as to the lay the foundation stone for the new MNDF training academy.

An Indian government press release has revealed that Anthony will be accompanied by a high level delegation which will include Defence Secretary Shashi Kant Sharma.

Having last visited the Maldives in 2009, international headlines have linked this visit to the rapidly expanding relations between the Maldives and China.

Waheed visited China at the start of the month, where he finalised agreements for a package of loans amounting to $500million (MVR7.7billion).

Despite Sino-Maldivian links having grown largely due to China providing more tourists to the Maldives than any other nation, the enhanced ties have led to speculation regarding Chinese naval ambitions in the Indian Ocean – often referred to as the ‘string of pearls’ theory.

Former Maldivian Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed acknowledged at the time of Waheed’s state visit that India would be worried after its perceived diplomatic failings during the Maldives’ recent political upheavals.

However, Shaheed added that increased economic ties in the absence of new military ones did not represent a policy shift by the new government.

The Indian government this week extended a further $25million to the Maldives as part of a $100million credit facility agreed last November.

In a comment piece for local paper Haveeru today, Special Advisor to the President Dr Hassan Saeed lamented the government’s growing reliance on foreign aid.

“The reality is that our long held beliefs and values are today tradable commodities. Our sovereignty is compromised and we enjoy far less respect,” wrote Dr Hassan.

The Indian government reported that its defense minister would seek to strengthen cooperation in the defence sector during his visit to the Maldives.

It drew attention to the regular interactions between the countries’ military forces, which this year has included joint naval patrols of the Maldives’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).


21 thoughts on “Maldives’ new defence policy rests on “Islam and national unity”: President Waheed”

  1. Societal norms should stem from the society it self. Likewise the foreign/defense policy of the Maldives should be based on Islamic unity and sense of nationhood we have enjoyed for generations.

    Global human rights agenda (and freedom of religion) cannot be forced down the throats of Maldivians under the label of democracy.

    The new defense policy does not derive the national values from the the UN or Commonwealth and should be commended. This is a 180 departure from the previous regime who views national values as inferior.

    Next the foreign policy should get into line with the defense policy.

  2. Anyone who questions the 'high priest' Maumoon is now executed on sight?.


    Oh, and don't fool yourself, "Dhivehi". What you think is 'sense of nationhood' is actually 'suffering in silence'.

    And what is the point of 'national values', that make vassals of citizens, while letting the greedy elite live a life of wealth and debauchery?

  3. Waheed needs to explain why Islam appears to have no place in his own family but is forced upon the citizens of the Maldives.

  4. Verily I am pleased with my creation, though he is but an instrument of my eternal wisdom. I merely say 'be' - and it is. Qum Faya'kun.

    O'Dhivehikind, if ye dispute this policy then ye are challenged to produce a policy like it.

    Or be prepared to suffer the most terrible agony ever devised, which neither Jinn or Dhivehikind have hitherto had experience of, and to suffer it eternally.

  5. Give credit to Gayoom at least he tried to control the beared weirdos. Anni should not have made any deal with these guys as we now find out that they would destroy Maldives as we know.
    Waheed unfortunately has not learned the lessons of what happens when you play with fire.

  6. for you spin doctors MDP never made a coalition with Islamic extremist party Adalath, Adalath made a coaliation with Gasims jumhooree party.

  7. Well put jameel. It was Anni's tragic mistake to allow the bearded freaks into alliance with MDP. That and giving gayoom amnesty for his crimes rather than imprisoning or better yet executing him). Oh, and trusting the baghee Vice president.

    Ok Anni made a few mistakes, but that does not justify the coup or criminal prosecution being pushed by the baghee.

  8. @jameel, why do you call bearded weirdos?
    I don't want to say you sound a little retarded but look at this link below.

    there are many reknowned scientists who also grew beard. the most famous one may be being Charles Darwin.

    so just a person is not a werdo just because you think he is. If that were the case i would like to say you are a little bit queer too, for shaving your a__s! Got the point? [don't think but..]

  9. MDP never made a coalition with Adaalath ? what a joke ? These MDP thugs and Anni associates will never tell any truth and they will always find a ways to twist the truth.

    What was the documents that was signed and got the cult Anni finger print on ?

    We never want this cult Anni to come back ever.

  10. @Moosa; but we know there are many bearded weirods in Maldives now lol.. Dr Mauroof, Shaheem, Imran, All BEARDED LOONIES!

  11. Maldives invade America, lol, Dhoni destroyers and all haha. It is good to know there is some sensible Maldivians out there, let there voice be heard or forever the Maldives will sink away into the history books.

  12. Jameel for vice president! And he is not a baghee like the backstabber Waheed.

    If Anni is not allowed to stand for election next year a real civil war will occur in the Maldives as the young and educated will not sit by idly like they did for so many years under the dictatorship. Once the geenie escapes from the bottle, it is impossible to get it contained again. The fire of democracy has been lit in the Maldives and cannot be extinguished.

  13. I agree with Naeem.
    Waheed is a hypocrit who is using Islam just to save his chair:-)
    "Waheed come Waheed go.. take Mr. Deen with you too:-)"

  14. Why doesn't Maldives invent an agenda to advice America and EU?, and the rest of the world big or small..afterall Maldives is the most powerful country in the world and can fight all defences with their highly qualified trained police force.. They can overrule the rest of the world defence forces with Nazim as the adviser, you dont require any more expertise...

  15. Why not have tourism for Muslims only and band the europeans if the Mullas feel they have to fight other views and opinions, it seems Maldivians Mullas forget that most million dollars aids are coming from non muslims, what about the recent chinese aid few days ago? why not close the resorts and let the mullas sit and watch women do belly dance for sure this is permitted.. Maldivian Mullas-islamic minister should call out for the rich arab countries to stop women and their belly dances while men are enjoying this and getting satisfaction.. what about alcohol, pork prohibition in all the resorts and demand that tourists should walk, swim surf.dive,. sun bathe,dressed in buruga and kaftaans..

  16. “Contained [within] are also important policies which protect individual, social and economic freedoms, and promote environmental conservation in conjunction with strategies for sustainable development,” said Waheed.


  17. " In a comment piece for local paper Haveeru today, Special Advisor to the President Dr Hassan Saeed lamented the government’s growing reliance on foreign aid.

    “The reality is that our long held beliefs and values are today tradable commodities. Our sovereignty is compromised and we enjoy far less respect,” wrote Dr Hassan. "

    True, but Dr. Hassan is seen working behind this hypocrisy in the most hypocritical style trying everything in the back to stab every single president (who come to power legally or illegally) in the back!

    Our sovereignty have been sold to too many foxes I believe!


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