241 committee cancels confidential meeting with police and defense chiefs

Parliament’s ‘241’ security services oversight committee has canceled a confidential meeting that was to be held today, after summoning Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh and Chief of Defence Force Major General Moosa Ali Jaleel for questioning over their handling of the current political deadlock.

Commissioner Faseeh was to be summoned at 4:30pm and the Major Jaleel was to be summoned at 6:30pm, but the the committee concluded its meeting the moment it started.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Ahmed Shifaz said that the committee meeting was cancelled on a request by MDP MPs.

“Because there are two MPs charged with criminal offences, we recommended the committee cancel the meetings,” said Shifaz. “It does not make much sense when two MPs accused of criminal offences summon the Police Commissioner and Chief of Defense in order to question them.”

Jumhooree Party (JP) MP Gasim Ibrahim and People’s Alliance (PA) MP Abdulla Yameen were charged last week for bribery and treason and are currently under house arrest while police investigate the matter.

Parliamentary regulations state that detained MPs must be released to attend parliamentary proceedings and committee hearings, and initial attempts by police to retain them in custody were overruled in the High Court last week.

As Gasim and Yameen are members of the opposition-led parliamentary committee, they can thus be temporarily freed to question their captors, who, according to article 98(a) of the Constitution, “must respond under oath truthfully to questions put to them and to produce documents, required by the People’s Majlis relating to the due performance of the obligations and responsibilities of such person.”

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ahmed Mahlouf said MDP MPs invaded the meeting and disrupted it.

“They first removed the board on the outside wall of the committee room,” said Mahloof. “Then they all went inside the room and disrupted the meeting.”

Mahlouf said that most of the MDP MPs who disrupted the meeting were not members of the committee.

A small gathering of MDP supporters gathered outside the parliament prior to the start of the the meeting.

Members of the committee include DRP MPs Ali Waheed and Yousuf Naeem, People’s Alliance (PA) MPs Abdulla Yameen and Moosa Zameer, Jumhooree Party MP Gasim Ibrahim, Independent MP Ibrahim Riza, and MDP MPs ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik, Alhan Fahmy and Mohamed ‘Colonel’ Nasheed.


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  1. 241 committee cancels confidential meeting with police and defense chiefs after the committee members wanted to know the status and said ... "we need some cash". Police and MNDF chief were not in a position to give cash inside the parliament and requested the MP's to come with them to Paradise and "halaaas".


  3. Let me express my deepest concerns about the political problems happening in the Maldives right now.

    about the cabinet resignation this is an unacceptable behavior of the cabinet.

    this has shown a irresponsibility of the cabinet members.

    and all this is a plan of the current government.

    and after this historical movements that we have seen all the MDP 's members are gathered at the people Majlis and demanding to expelled the peoples majlis members . this isn't acceptable.

    In my view …. Cabinet shouldn't be resign. due to this meaningless conflict between two party.

    Government should not privatize the lucrative assets of the country without having discuss with the peoples parliament.
    and the terms & conditions offer to the third party does not clear.

    and government didn't held any press conference regarding the matter.

    However this has became a serious upheld issued.

    opposition has a majority of the parliament and they attempt to complete the privatization bill as a first thing schedule on thursday and completed.

    and it has been sent to ratify the President. and still the president has a right to ratify or sent back to review the bill again to the parliament.

    apparently everyone was shocked and it was on Air while the resignation letters were receiving the president at the President office.

    However when you think about the possible drama you can underestimate this is a pre-plan. think for one self.

  4. The correct of way to refer to the Chief of Defence Force in its shorten form should be "General Jaleel" and NOT "Major Jaleel" as this would be a serious error in the aspect of military ranks, kindly correct this.

  5. We can't rest unless Kaminige clans influnce ends in the Maldivian politics. Gasim is acting like a "Jew" wants to be boss in eveything. When he was in the cabinet he acted like he is the President ... demanding stuff and projects from Anni Nasheed.

  6. who cares about the laws rules and regulations in this country these days? seems like 'adu gadha meehaa ruh gina' era is back.

  7. There's only one solution right now. Let the military take over and sort this mess out!

  8. I am waiting helplessly till LEAKING frenzy devours our nation since MDP/ANNI kick-started this vicious cycle.

    This is a very dangerous game which MDP/ANNI has started. Wait till this results in wholesale perdition of the country! It's round the corner with the blessings of MDP (Most Disgusting Party)

  9. This is a good example of the barbaric behaviour of MDP. Whether they are in givernment or on the street their ruthless and barbaric action will continue. MDP is wholy responsible for the destrction of the whole Maldives.If the allegation against the two MPS are true why should MDP be so scared? Mr Nasheed we are in no doubt this was done under your direct instructions. You seems to be so scared, because you know very well you have made up all these stories. You so scared that you are in agony and peeing in your pants. Good luck to you.

  10. I'm was supportive of the Reform Movement back in the earlier days and voted to get President Nasheed elected.

    However, I find the recent actions by the MDP Government to be authoritarian and Machiavellian in nature. I am hugely disappointed in this Government and find its present direction completely unacceptable.

  11. The reform movement must re-commence and continue the struggle. We need to free our parliament, courts, civil service and independent commissions. They appear to be controlled by people with questionable records. It is wrong when known corrupt characters are able to WARN the Anti Corruption Commission.

  12. It amazes me to read the criticisms of the government with absolutely no condemnation of the parliament.

    The corrupt are too prevalent. It takes (and has taken in this case) drastic action to bring such a high level of corruption to a head/focus.

  13. Can anyone please LEAK the phone conversations between David Hardingham and ANNI ?

  14. @ heck. unfortunately Anni is not one to press the record button soon as he starts a conversation. all other (corrupt) politicians do that!

  15. It's not 'adu gadha meeha ruh gina' , now it's

    'anga gadha meeha ruh gina'

    even though they all talk gibberish.


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