Adhaalath Party concerned that concerts are defying Islamic teachings

The Adhaalath Party is reported to have expressed concern at what it sees as “horrifying acts that defy Islamic teachings and social convention” taking place in the country.

“Entertainment activities and events are an important part of a society” read a statement obtained by Haveeru. “But these activities must abide by our religious and social traditions”.

The comments follow controversy surrounding the New Year’s eve ‘Tourist Arrival Countdown Show’, which eventually featured Indian artists ‘Salim-Sulaiman’ after Jamaican artist Sean Paul cancelled following an online death threat.

After Sean Paul’s late cancellation, Minister of Tourism Ahmed Adeeb revealed that a second show would be held on January 8, with an announcement made at the conclusion of Wednesday’s concert that US R&B artist Akon would be performing.

Following the online threats against Sean Paul – later denounced as a hoax by authorities – members of the Adhaalath Party, including the Islamic minister criticised the decision to invite the dancehall singer.

Haveeru have today reported that the party maintained it would not support such activities, urging the youth not to invest all their time in pleasure.

“If the youth are not kept from such decadence they will undoubtedly grow into people from whom neither their families nor the society can benefit,” Haveeru reported the party as saying. “This is the bitter truth”.

Minivan News was unable to obtain comment from the Adhaalath Party members contacted prior to publication.

US R&B singer Akon will appear in Malé on January 8

After safety assurances from police prior to Wednesday night’s concert, the event passed without incident, culminating in the announcement that the country had received a record 1.45 million tourists in 2014.

Plans to hold a concert featuring Akon were attempted in 2010, before the artist pulled out citing technical and security concerns.

In the run-up to the scheduled Akon concert, Islamic minister Dr Shaheem reported receiving a number of complaints about the explicit content of the singer’s lyrics.

Adhaalath Party member Shaheem last week said that bringing foreigners to hold shows coinciding with New Year’s eve – as well as the threats made – were “unacceptable”. Adeeb later told Minivan News that the concert had been discussed at cabinet level and that Shaheem’s comments were merely his personal opinion.

While jihadist group Bilad Al Sham denied being behind the YouTube video threatening Sean Paul’s life, the group did describe the concert as “filthy” and an “ideological attack”.

Meanwhile, local religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf said the state was “investing in destruction” by funding the show.

Adeeb, who has taken a lead in organising and promoting the event, has insisted that attempts to “give back to the youth” will not be obstructed, tweeting: “I will stand against extremism”, and “We will not give into threats”.

In his video message announcing his performance in Malé on January 8, Akon said he would appear after receiving Adeeb’s invite, joking that he had heard everyone was blaming the tourism minister for everything that goes wrong in the country while his 2007 hit ‘Sorry, Blame It on Me’ played in the background.

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10 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party concerned that concerts are defying Islamic teachings”

  1. Of course Adhaalath don't want this sort of thing coming to the Maldives. If you let the youth realise there is more to life than worship the the party/religion will lose its stranglehold on the population.

  2. I think Adhaalath party is having trouble supporting dance music like Akon and Sean Paul because their music promotes Anbara activities like dancing with the opposite sex. Perhaps we should invite heavy metal bands to perform in Maldives instead. Maybe that will be easier for all the beardies digest.

    Minister Adheeb, next time please invite Cradle of Filth for dheen and gaum!

  3. Adhaalath is rightly worried.
    In a moment they will claim the disbelievers are jealous of the strong Muslim brotherhood culture and they are trying to break it desperately, and that God is fighting with iblees to make sure it doesn't happen.

    In reality, the disbelievers would rather all muslims follow a mullah, and spent all their time heads bowed and dumb forever. They then can swindle the wealth of the lands easily.

  4. Let Adhaalath do what ever they want but Music festival must continue

    Adheeb should have 8th music show too

  5. Adaalth needs to issue a decree specifying halal and haraam entainment performers and performances. Its important.

    Is Nicky Minaj ok to watch or only to listen?

    Need an answer.

  6. This will have the adhaalath peeing in their pants!

    If the youth finds more to life than praying and fasting, the adhaalath will be worried.

    The youth must stay dumb and stupid. Always. No education. The only reading allowed is from the book with repetitive chants and tongue twirling, growling of letters in the Arabic alphabet.

  7. I wouldn't buy a used car from the looks of these guys, let alone follow their so called religious teachings.

    Small children and animals would be advised to stay away as well.

  8. Adaalath is doing exactly what they are told to do by Yameen. Shaheem has the previlige of coming to the press every now and then to deliver these messages and put on a show for the islamic investors around the globe. If not Shaheem would have been out of a job a long time ago.

  9. these guys. i have seen maldivians with tattoos walking on the street. what terrorist party doing about it? ministers sexing out of marriage. what the terrorist party does about it? people drinking. what the terrorist party do about it? let people do what they want and these terrorists rather blow up bombs then let them do it.
    get lost adhallat

  10. Hero backstabbing their mullah mouthpieces for a chance to party?

    Ah, it is good way to start this year. Expect adhaalath party ministers to get "Rilwan'd" or "Afrasheem'd" since they just p****d off the Maldivian Kim Jong Un.


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